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 About Us 

Throughout our history, people have shared a long-standing and powerful bond with horses. These majestic and beautiful animals heal us and inspire us all to connect more deeply to our own true nature, through our relationship with them. Recognizing this unique and special gift that horses share with us, the Lone Star Equestrian Association seeks to:

+Educate Special Athletes regarding horses, the care of horses, riding and equestrian activities.

+Provide all horses, tack and equipment necessary for Special Athletes to learn to ride, practice and compete in equestrian activities.

+Provide riding instructions to Special Athletes at all levels, from beginner to advanced.

+Provide opportunities for Special Athletes to develop critical social skills, through interaction with other Special Athletes, their families, coaches and volunteers associated with equestrian activities.

+Contribute to building and maintaining the skills, focus, self-control, confidence, discipline, and self-esteem of Special Athletes.

+Educate the community at large regarding the capabilities of all those with special needs, by focusing on abilities rather than disabilities.

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