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Before Hurricane Harvey slammed into the Texas coast, the Association had four horses, including our superstar, Emma, and another big mare, Lily, who had just been donated to us the day before. For the upcoming season, we were counting on borrowing additional horses from the barn owner, including Bomber, who we have used for the past two years. The storm changed all of that.


Tragically, all three of these horses were casualties of the hurricane.


Despite these devastating losses, our commitment in supporting the Special Olympics Equestrian Team remains steadfast. That means we are facing our biggest challenges ever.


Volunteer Orientation a Success!

We had a ball meeting all the new volunteers and so many of their mothers this past weekend. We have a great group on our hands this year, and we are so thankful to have so much quality support from so many bright young men and women! Looking forward to the season ahead with all of you!

New Horse Joins Our Team

After much searching for that special horse that would be the perfect fit, we believe we have found what we've been looking for! Please welcome Chance to Lone Star E. A.! Chance has years of experience as a prison horse, making him a highly coveted asset to our group. We are excited to bring him aboard!

The Search is Over?

Finding the perfect horse for our group is never easy. A special group requires a special horse. We are presently evaluating a few potentials, and may have found the right fit. We'll keep you posted!



2017 – 2018

October       23         Volunteer Orientation and Training

                     30*        1st Practice of the season (* 1st Payment due)


November   6



                     27         No Practice  (Thanksgiving weekend)


December    4


                     18          Jingle Bell Ride (Fun way to practice skills 

                     25         No Practice  (Christmas Day)


January        1            No Practice  (New Years Day)

                     9*          (*2nd Payment due)



                     27–29   Top Hands Show


February      5


                     19          (20th is a school holiday)



March           5*           (*3rd Payment due)

                     12*          No Practice  (Spring Break 11 –19)





April             2


                     16          No Practice  (Easter)  

   **NOTE**  23          *Area Competition will probably be 23rd or 30th.*

                     30         *Make-up practices may be scheduled.*


May              7

   **NOTE**   13          *Make-up practices may be scheduled on 13th*

                     14*         No Practice (Mother’s Day)  

                     19 –21   State Competition

                     28*        Memorial Day - End of Season, No Practice


June             4          Post-Season Party!

-- for all who are in town and want to ride)


Don’t Miss Out

Are you a Lone Star Equestrian Association fan? We know you are! Follow our schedule and make sure you and your family don’t miss out on the fun. We've got an exciting, challenging season ahead of us, with a new horse, and lots of new volunteers to help us bring it all together. Let's get to it!

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